Kinkan 50mL

Can Kinkan used when stung by a bee?
You can use this product even when stung by a bee.
If allergic symptoms to bee venom (anaphylaxis: difficulty breathing, disturbance of consciousness, etc.) occur, or if you experience any physical abnormalities, seek medical attention immediately.
Can I use for “Heat rash”?
You can use for "Itching" caused by heat rash.
However, avoid using it if you have a wound, as it can sting.
Can I use it for hives?
You can use for "Itching" caused by hives.
However, hives are usually caused by an allergic reaction.
Kinkan itself is not a medicine that suppresses allergies. Therefore, if symptoms persist for a long time, seek medical attention.
Can I use for itching caused by “Mite”?
You can use for "Itching" caused by mite.
If symptoms persist for a long time, seek medical attention.
After applying Kinkan, accidentally got into the eyes
Rinse immediately with plenty of water.
Wait for a while and see what happens. If redness or pain in the eye persists, consult an ophthalmologist.
Can I use Kinkan as wet dressing?
Since a rash can occur, do not apply gauze soaked in this product on the affected site. When using Kinkan, dry thoroughly before using.
How long I can use Kinkan after opening?
The expiry date indicated on the product is the expiry date of the unopened product.
Use the product after opening regardless of the expiration date.
The Kinkan is too liquid
For Kinkan, "Kinkan may evaporate due to conditions such as temperature differences and high temperatures and the pressure inside the bottle may increase". Excess liquid can be removed by venting the gas.
To release the gas, wipe the sponge with tissue or the like while the sponge is filled with liquid, and press the sponge lightly.
Kinkan is not coming out
Due to the nature of Kinkan liquid, it is "affected by pressure changes due to temperature differences", so pressing the blue sponge gently will eliminate the difference from the external pressure and may solve the problem.
In addition, there is a sponge to apply Kinkan. Sponge may cause "clogging" during use. Gently wiping the sponge with a tissue or cloth may resolve the problem of clogging.
Does Kinkan contain steroids?
Kinkan does not contain steroid ingredients.
Kinkan contains 5 active ingredients: Aqueous ammonia,l – menthol, d − camphor, Salicylic acid, and Capsicum tincture.
This product contains ginseng extract as an additive and alcohol as a solvent.
Can you please guide how to dispose of the old Kinkan?
1. Empty the Kinkan liquid.
* In terms of quality and safety, the inner cap is tightly closed.
1-1: Cut a cross on the blue sponge with a utility knife or similar tool.
1-2: If you make a small incision on the sponge, you will see a small piece of plastic. Therefore, use a thin and hard object such as a disposable chopstick or a screwdriver to push it inside.
1-3: Pushing it in will open a hole, making it easier to pour out the liquid.
1-4: Soak the liquid in a cloth or newspaper and dispose of it as combustible waste.
Note 1) Use a cutter or a similar tool carefully to avoid injury.
Note 2) Kinkan contains ethanol. Provide adequate ventilation and dispose of in a well-ventilated place away from fire. Be careful not to spill the liquid when disposing.

2. Dispose of empty bottles and plastics according to the instructions of respective local government.
Can I send Kinkan overseas by international mail?
Kinkan is considered as dangerous good for air travel. Hence, you cannot send overseas by international mail.
Can I bring Kinkan as hand baggage* on board?
You can bring it as your own carry-on.
Baggage requirements vary for domestic and international flights, so please contact each airline for details.
* Carry-on baggage or check-in baggage
Can I use for itchy scalp?
You can use for "Itching" of the head.
Be careful not to let the liquid drip or get into your eyes.
Take the liquid on your finger and apply it so that it does not drip.
Which color has Kinkan liquid?
It has a pale yellowish brown color.
I want to transfer Kinkan to another container.
To avoid misuse and quality deterioration, do not transfer Kinkan to other containers.
Kinkan dripped on the floor and turned white
Kinkan contains ethanol. Due to this, wax may come off. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please consult with a specialist such as a home center.