Message from the President

“~Keep Changing While Preserving Traditions and Look to the Future~”

We want to eliminate the people who suffer from burns.Our history began with such a strong thought.
We have inherited this philosophy Since the founding of Kinkan in 1926 till today and continue to do our best for the health of our customers as a specialized manufacturer of skin medicines.
We have achieved this thanks to the support of our customers, who support us through our products, as well as the support of our partner companies. We are extremely grateful.

In today’s rapidly changing world, we continue to “Respond to changes while preserving tradition” by clarifying “What must not be changed and what must be changed”.
For example, for our main product, “Kinkan”, we have kept the active ingredients as they were when the drug was discovered and we are pursuing a change from the customer`s point of view in terms of making the container easy to use, repeatedly improve the coating part, developing new products.

Moreover, when the importance of OTC drugs is once again recognized, we are proud that “Kinkan” is also useful.
We will continue to make efforts to contribute to everyone’s health with products that are particular about “skin” by making use of the technology and experience we have cultivated with products such as “Kinkan”.
We also encourage the creation of child-friendly products and provide useful information as a pharmaceutical manufacturer close to future Kinkan users.

Thank you for always supporting Kinkan and trusting us even in a crisis situation.

代表取締役社長 山﨑 充